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There are more than 105 million of them in the United States. Worldwide, there could be at least 250 million of them. Them, according to data from the Nielsen/Net Ratings service, is the come to of committed Web surfers. 250 million in the whole world? The assume is more than the populations of Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and a few non-English dialogue countries combined. That's a lot of them!

With so many energetic surfers around, you would think Webmasters and site owners have an easy time attracting them. Actually, they face an mounting campaign to bring visitors and, more importantly, clients to their Web sites. And a Web site devoid of transfer is like a store built in the center of the desert. You could have the most crop and most charismatic Web aim around, but they're worthless if no one visits them.

There is one way, however, to turn your Web site into an oasis of business, a way to drive as much travel to your site as your ma?tre d'h?tel can handle: a classified ad.

More on that later. First, all Web builders and site owners be supposed to know the basic and time-tested ways to appeal to passage to their Web site. The key to all of these methods is to be a magnet for the right Web surfers. You want what experts call "targeted visitors," or associates who are essentially engrossed in what you're selling. To agreement that this happens, you be supposed to admire this checklist of Web passage blonde rules:

Step 1: Optimize your Web pages. Webmasters in the know take the time to set their meta tags. These tags, or codes, are covert keywords in the Web page that tell exploration engines like Google and Yahoo closely what your site is all about. A meta tag, for instance, could be "designer handbags," "sporting equipment," or anything else you ensue to be selling. These keywords tell the exploration engine to as the crow flies all bag or sports shoppers to your site.

Step 2: List your site with every exploration engine out there. For this step, you austerely need to surf over to Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, MSN, and other exploration engines. Click onto their consumer advantage page, where they allow Web builders and site owners to manually give in their site addresses.

Step 3. Spice up your site with interactive features. With articles, newsletters, offers, promotions, and discounts, you give your besieged visitors a aim to stay at your site once they find it. More importantly, you give them reasons to come back and tell their links about the site. Word of mouth is one of the best, and cheapest, forms of publicity on the planet.

Step 4. Altercation banner ads with acquaintances and with other companies that you do affair with. Banner ads are those eye-catching designs at the top and bed of Web pages. They're like the billboards of the Internet superhighway. But with these online billboards, a clean click transports the Web surfer at once to your Web site.

Step 5. Barter Web links with contacts and affair associates. This, Webmasters and site owners, could be the most crucial way to drive Web travel to your site. All of the major explore engines rank sites by measuring how many links come to and leave from your Web site.

So links are a way to calculate how sensible and how legitimate your site is. The change for the better this measurement, the develop accidental your site will have to show up well in Web surfers' searches. In other words, these links could be the differentiation amid your site being planned on page 20 of a Google explore results, or on page 1.

Building beat Web links and exploration engine results-that's where classified sites come into play. Some of the most savvy classified sites on the promote now offer Web links in their ads. These links lead right to your business' home page.

Not only are these links opportune one-click ways for more customers to reach your site. They also boost your hunt engine rankings.

Of course, for affair owners, classified sites have so many other benefits, too.

? Unparalleled exposure. Classified sites are like online malls. Not only will you get exposure from shoppers advent expressly to find your goods. You get "spill over" concentration from shoppers who came for a different item but then start browsing all the way through all of the other ads in the classified "mall. "

? A new cache of Web sites. Having online classified ads is like backdrop up manifold new Web sites crosswise the Internet. Disparate your own fundamental site, these classified ads come with low-cost IT support, security, and advertising.

? Incredible augmentation opportunities. Businesses and those advertising on online classified sites pull in more than $1. 95 billion a year, according to the info firm Kelsey Group. That amount does not even consist of money from eBay.

? Money for nothing. As constructive as classified sites are, many of the best ones accusation very barely or agreed nonentity to set up your ads.

Add up all of these numbers-250 million energetic Web surfers in the world, $1. 95 billion in classified sales, and $0 cost-and your Web big business is sure to come out in the positive.

Donald Lee is the community relations boss for Buysellcommunity. com. Buysellcommunity provides free classified inventory military for those and businesses to promote their foodstuffs and air force online. For comprehensive and local classifieds, choose visit http://www. buysellcommunity. com Free Buy & Sell Classifieds

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